October 24, 2007
The good thing about the American Dream is that you can just go to sleep, and try it all again the next night.
Michael Scott (The Office)
October 20, 2007
The medicine, it still won’t work
But there’s dangerous levels of it here
New Pornographers, “My Rights Versus Yours”
October 14, 2007
The website is a brainchild of my brainchild, Ryan. It is my brain grandchild.
Michael Scott (The Office)
October 11, 2007
I’m the next act, waiting in the wings.
Radiohead, “All I Need”
I am a moth who just wants to share your light.
Radiohead, “All I Need”
I think he is forgetting about the original instant message. Letters attached to baskets of food.
Michael Scott (The Office)